We are value creation partners.

We accelerate the impact, growth and value creation of scaling businesses.

Strategic Value Creation

We partner businesses and investors with the strategic insight and high-impact leadership capabilities needed to accelerate their growth ambitions.

Fractional Experts

Fractional (or part-time) C Suite professionals embed in your business providing the expertise, agility and leadership needed to scale.

Advisory & Consultancy

Expert practitioners identify the pathways to value, resolve challenges, and add more firepower to optimise growth opportunities.

& Chairs

Non-Executive Directors and Chairs elevate your business to the next level with fresh perspectives, diversity of thought, and powerful business and scaling expertise.

Permanent Executives

Exceptional leaders propel your business forward, successfully navigating your scaling journey and powering multiple growth cycles.

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Strategic Value Creation Roadmap

Strategic consulting for CEOs and investors to assess leadership capability in the context of their business’s specific growth and value drivers. Results in the design of a bespoke leadership solution, which harnesses the power of fractional executives, NEDs and leadership coaching.

Fractional Experts

Fractional (or part-time) C Suite leaders embedded in your business providing the level of expertise and leadership your business needs to scale.

Advisory & Consultancy

Expert practitioners on demand that deliver specific projects, resolve challenges, and add more firepower to optimise opportunities.

Permanent Executives

Securing the very best leadership and C Suite talent to successfully deliver this and the next stage of your scaling journey.

NEDs & Chairs

Non-Executive Directors and Chairs that propel your business forward with mentoring, coaching, networks and powerful scaling and business expertise.

Excelerator Partners enables individuals and enterprises to cut though challenges and roadblocks to achieve immediate results. Their background and experience of having built a business is a rare USP.

Lyndsey Simpson, Founder & CEO 55 Redefined

They seamlessly become one of our team, and a highly trusted advisor. They had a unique understanding of where we were in our organisational journey and balanced agility, rigour, professionalism, humour and kindness in working with us.

Caroline Casey, Founder, The Valuable 500

I would highly recommend Excelerator Partners to any early-stage business looking to scale. They are an exceptional partner!

Ciara McE, Investor

Suzy & Mark immediately understood the brief and added value within a very short timeframe. The project was a success, thanks to their input, and we plan to work together again.

Jack Kirwan, Co-Founder & CEO, Sprout

I’ve been impressed with their highly pragmatic approach, the quality and clarity of their insights and outputs, and their ability to work with a range of colleagues from front line sales, to technical, and the Board.

Jim Carrick-Birtwell, Founder & CEO, Future Talent Learning

Suzy’s experience and counsel was of huge value and her ability to connect the board room to shop floor made engagement across the different management groups seamless and supported some strong business outputs.

Ben James, CEO Hunter Healthcare

Excelerator Partners became an impassioned member of the team and worked in a collaborative and highly energized way, delivering a growth strategy that both the Board and management team adopted to great effect.

Geoff Smith, CEO Grayce

Suzy is a no-nonsense, pragmatic and results orientated business executive who draws on her knowledge of how to scale businesses to develop client and shareholder value. I have no hesitation in recommending Suzy.

Alisha Lyndon, CEO Momentum ITSMA


Trusted Advisor & Partner

Experience a long-term partnership where we act as your trusted advisor and solution partner.

Value Creation & Impact

Gain tangible impact and value from day one, and multiply your long-term value creation.

Cohesive Leadership

Forge a robust, diverse leadership team that delivers your growth ambitions.

Cost & Capital Effectiveness

Optimise your growth capital, cost effectively accessing the vital assets you need.

Scale with Precision & Agility

Access impactful expertise precisely when, how, and for as long as you need it.

Manage Complexity & Propel Innovation

Bring visibility, simplicity and innovation to the complexity of growth plans.

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