Excelerator Partners: Pioneering New Horizons in Scale-Up Business Strategy

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London, UK – Excelerator Partners is set to officially launch on Monday, 4th March, marking a significant milestone in the scale-up business ecosystem. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Suzy Rowley, Excelerator Partners is poised to redefine the approach to business growth and scaling, with a unique blend of innovation, strategy, and fractional leadership.

Joining Suzy Rowley at the helm of this groundbreaking venture is a stellar founding team, including Cate Poulson as Chief Operating Officer, Mark Widnall as Chief Financial Officer, Clair Bush as Chief Marketing Officer, and Sam Smith serving as Strategic Adviser. Together, they bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and a proven track record of success that will be instrumental in guiding funded, scale-up businesses to new heights.

Excelerator Partners is committed to empowering businesses with the expert talent, roadmap, knowledge, and tools needed to navigate the complexities of scaling up in today's competitive landscape. By leveraging a community of portfolio professionals, cutting-edge technologies, and data-driven strategies, Excelerator Partners aims to accelerate growth, enhance operational efficiency, and drive sustainable success and value for its clients.

"At Excelerator Partners, we're not consultants; we're architects of growth."

Suzy Rowley, Founder of Excelerator Partners, shared her vision for the company, stating, "At Excelerator Partners, we're not consultants; we're architects of growth. We understand the transformative power of great leadership capabilities for scaling businesses. We believe in creating bespoke talent solutions that align with the unique challenges and opportunities our clients face, at the time they face them. Our mission is to become the trusted advisor throughout the entire growth journey of a funded, scaling business, providing proactive solutions and delivering the right leadership capabilities at every stage."

The launch of Excelerator Partners comes at a critical time when many Private Equity and Venture Capital backed businesses are seeking innovative and sustainable ways to scale and thrive amidst rapid market changes. With its forward-thinking approach and dynamic leadership team, Excelerator Partners is well-positioned to lead the charge in transforming the scale-up ecosystem.

For more information about Excelerator Partners and how they can help your business scale, visit https://exceleratorpartners.com.

About Excelerator Partners

Excelerator Partners powers scaling businesses to accelerate their growth and value trajectory by partnering as trusted leadership advisors, pathfinders, growth accelerators and expert scaling practitioners.

Suzy Rowley, Founder & CEO, Excelerator Partners


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